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We improve your chances. We protect, enhance & build your reputations. Let’s catch up if you are a brand or want to be one.


Digital Solutions

We know the digital techniques. From designing your logo to powering your website, we influence via social media impeccably.


Content Management

We provide unmatched content. Our USP is content quality quotient. We are known for creating unique content for the audience.


Public Relations

We engage people via all media. We network with experts to push your agenda. Our campaigns tell your real stories effectively.

What We Do

Our Services

Branding, Social Media, Press Coverage, Photo Shoot, Digital Marketing, Campaign

WE BRAND Connect & Grow

We carry forward your concept to people, effectively. We bring your story to life, in print & online. Our digital services help you improve your profile or corporate image.

SOCIAL MEDIAImprove Presence

Combining your social media needs with extensive research & foolproof strategy, we influence consumers & audience through catchy & meaningful campaigns. we help you engage the right connections.

IMAGE & PRBuild Reputations

As PR specialists, we help you communicate with consumer, constituency or the audience effectively & tell your stories convincingly. We create narratives to advance your agenda.

AUDIO VIDEOGraphics & Podcast Strategies

We create both sound & visual presentations, as also TV commercials & print ads. We know how to adapt to your personal tastes, in terms of communication strategies.


We build & host websites & put together marketing strategies to get you new customers. We help you in attracting leads through data management, search engine optimization & analytics.


We work from all over the world. Hence, you get the right brain creativity & left brain logic to achieve creative results. We are strategists, designers, copywriters & illustrators.

Together We Create

Deeper Association

If you are eyeing markets or a position, we help you make your business everything it can be. We also improve your profile & image.
Who Is Behind It All


We’re gifted strategists, designers, PR practitioners, social media experts & copywriters.
Geetanjali Kaul
Geetanjali Kaul
I believe in the best & work towards it with my awesome team onboard G Caffe. I ensure that my clients are happy.
Prabhat Pandey
Prabhat Pandey
Ad & Editorial Photographer
My photographs serve people & businesses alike. I have a track record shooting for clients & media houses.
Mayank Tiwari
Mayank Tiwari
My USP is aesthetic designs. I think websites are like fully-functional cars which are error-free in technical aspects.
Neeraj Bhushan
Neeraj Bhushan
Editor in Chief
I’m an all-platform journalist proficient in print, video & audio storytelling. People, religion & custom fascinate me.
I love developing advertising concepts. It’s an amazing experience to use words for commercial gain.
Account Manager
I ensure we meet the client's needs. I am also responsible for innovation & managing the accounts team.
Abhishek Prakash
Abhishek Prakash
Sound Designer
I learn from mistake of others who take my advice. Still, I’m responsible for all that you hear from us.
Ajay Chauhan
Ajay Chauhan
Content Designer
I create concepts & ideas for media & publishing through software. I believe in simple, clear yet catchy designing.
Garvit Arora
Garvit Arora
Account Planner
I plan media campaigns, formulate strategies & briefs for our creative team after meetings with the client.
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar
Digital Designer
Creativity, Imagination & Technology are my forte. I love images, typography, graphics & interactive designing.
Abira Bandyopadhyay
Abira Bandyopadhyay
I enjoy conceptualising illustrations for products & services catering to a client’s brief, combining art & creative skills.
Rashi  Kak
Rashi Kak
Communications Director
I oversee communications within G Caffe & output of the creative process. I also keep discovering trends.
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